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I am seeking some advice.
I'm trying to come up with more ideas on how my mistress can give me
humiliating tasks and punishments but I'm deployed in Iraq so that puts
in quite a few complications.

Don't know if anyone is still active in this group, but I'd be happy to
share more information to get some ideas.

Stand Up and Be Counted!


Stand Up and Be Counted!

Participate in the Survey of Violence & Discrimination Against
Sexual Minorities

September 19, 2007, New York, NY - Susan Wright and Larry
Iannotti would like to announce the launch of the second national
Survey of Violence & Discrimination Against Sexual Minorities,
being conducted in cooperation with the National Coalition for
Sexual Freedom. This survey includes all of the questions asked
on NCSF's ground-breaking 1998 Violence & Discrimination Against
Sexual Minorities survey, and includes new questions on personal,
business, and Internet discrimination experienced by BDSM-leather-
fetish practitioners.

The link to the survey is on NCSF's website: www.ncsfreedom.org

Please take a minute to fill out this anonymous survey even if
you have not been a victim of violence or discrimination.
Demographic data and information about participation in a variety
of BDSM-leather-fetish activities are also being gathered. This
survey will be distributed for one year, and the results will be
released in early 2009.

The results of this survey will be analyzed and compared to the
1998 survey, which found significant discrimination and violence
occurring against BDSM-leather-fetish practitioners. The data may
be used in court obscenity cases to prove that sexual minorities
have been chilled on the Internet because of fear of prosecution.
The survey also includes space for individuals to write about the
discrimination they have faced, which will be helpful in
illustrating the consequences of the negative stereotypes about
BDSM-leather-fetish activities.

The survey is available on Survey Monkey (a secured survey
hosting website that is used by the professional community) and
can be accessed through the NCSF website: www.ncsfreedom.org You
can contact surveybdsm@gmail.com to receive hard copies for your
event or to distribute to your members.

Please help this community-wide effort by sending this
announcement to your email list.


Larry Iannotti, LCSW, is a professional social scientist and
practicing therapist getting his doctoral degree through the City
University of NY. Susan Wright is the Media Spokesperson for
NCSF, and is accredited as a research assistant affiliated with
CUNY. For more information, please call Susan at 917-848-6544, or
Larry at 212-465-1917.
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Recently, my husband and I got back into D/s after a long absence. Today is the first time he's asked me to step outside a single scene and construct "an event".

I'm surprised and delighted at how quickly we've begun to delve back into D/s. Hubby came to me this morning before leaving to work and asked if we could play tonight. I, of course, said yes. Then he shifted gears and said that he might not be in the mood to play after work, that he might need something to keep him thinking about it to stay in the right mind frame, so he went to work today wearing a ring and (loose) string tied around his cock.

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God I hope he disobeyed on purpose! *grin*

Thoughts, Experiences?

My pet and I have been discussing chastity at length recently. She is enamoured with the idea and I must confess I'm intrigued by it as well. My problem is this, having no experience with them and being away on business for extended periods, I am more than a little concerned with leaving her in any of the various belts we've seen.

Who among you has done something of this sort? I have seen belts that allow normal bodily functions, but I'm still curious as to the actual day to day of this particular type of play.

Thanks in advance.

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so my boyfriend is in the Marines...and we are both into role playing, age play and spanking and bondage and such.
however, i think he is afraid that hes going to hurt me too much because he is so much stronger than me.
we dont see each other often, but when we do we try to do different sexual things, but we always just end up fucking because were so horny from not seeing each other.
anyone have any advice on how to get him to not be so scared...even if he doesn't admit it?

This Slut's Introduction

I have been a submissive for a very long time now but just recently decided to join some more communites for better insight. My Master and I have been together for almost two years now and are a very intense couple. Not only do we both live the bdsm life, but we are both also furries. (you can find out more here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Furry_fandom) We actually met on a furry role playing game called Furcadia. Slowly as we started to talk we began to explore bdsm and all that it has to offer us. And we both found ourselves so happy and comfortable with it, it was like a puzzle piece falling into place. And I know that is how it's like for a lot of people. Master and I have explored a lot together, but it's only been long distance. However, that will be chaning. Master and I are meeting in Janurary at a furry convention. (FurtherConfusion.com) Actually I have both of our planes arriving in the same city BEFORE our arrival city. So we will meet in his town of Salt Lake and then fly over to San Jose together. How am I feeling? It's still 95 days away, and yes I am counting, so I don't really think it has fully set in yet.

About myself, I am 21 and live in the United States. I know there are a lot of you that live in the UK. And I am just looking to meet friends and socialize about this lifestyle each of us has chosen or is exploring as an option.

My lifestyle seems to be different that a lot of people's because I happen to be a furry as well. If anyone would love to chat, please feel free to IM me on MSN at Starlitrunaway@hotmail.com or AIM Starlitrunaway. I love to chat, and I am looking to make some friends who understand me and don't just look at me weird when I say 'bdsm.'

I  look forward to reading people's thoughts, ideas, and questions in all of the communities I have joined.

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