the little sex toy (mykinkyjournal) wrote in ds_punishment,
the little sex toy

cumming without permission

Master and I have a long distance relationship. While that doesn't see Him often, I am still expected to follow certain rules.  One of those is that I am not allowed to masturbate or cum with out permission. A few days ago Master gave me a project to come up with a group of pictures for his viewing pleasure, while He was spending the day with friends.  I spend the whole day looking at erotic and porn images, needless to say I couldn't help but masturbate, and cum.  As punishment Master has assigned me 50 lines.  I must write by hand: I may not cum without permission from Master.  Also I may not masturbate until my lines are finished.  I have to finish them before Friday and mail them to Him.  Since I have a desk job and spend all day on the phone, I will work on these lines at work tomorrow.  Also as my usual arrangement, I will wear heels to work tomorrow and no panties.  I hope you all enjoy hearing about my punishment. 

**Master wanted me to make sure to note, this is the first time Lines have been assign, this would be why He only assigned 50.
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