Feine (lil_naonao) wrote in ds_punishment,

Okay so, I've decided to come back to LJ and start by posting a small request here.

In short, I'm up for having fun this bank holiday weekend (UK :o ) with some bondage goodies. 
Me and my partner are going to hobble along to our local (ish) Ann Summers to pick up said goodies, but he's kind of nervous about what he should do/to with me. 

He's never had to play the Master role and he's a shy kind of guy. But I want him to take the reins (literally) and find some fun in it.

So, can you lot suggest any gentle ideas (no candlewax, please!) to settle him in to the idea? I'm hoping to buy a padlock collar and leash and a horse bit, plus anything you guys come up with that I think will be good for us to use =3 but it's not all about the props. 

So, here we go. How can we have a soft-core bondage evening? 

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